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A small glimpse further into my mind, its a dark place with many cobwebs and often forgotten about. This blog was about drabbles, but has evolved into a few other random writings, or witterings when I'm not abandoning it alltogether for other crafty pursuits.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007


The rain was turned to ice as the night fell. They crept exhausted into the the only shelter . Illyria watching silently as the men gathered wood to build a fire.
“Never gonna burn Cair. too wet.” said Lorn.
“Then we freeze to death.”
“I know.”
Illyria crept to the wood, thrust her hands into it and it bust into flames.
“What the hell?”
“How did you…”
“Why didn’t you…..”
“Tis witchcraft.” Illyria whispered biting her lip.
“ Thou shall not suffer a witch to live. Bloody Idiots.”
“Tis death.”
“If caught.”
“They can’t burn a fire witch can they?”

Saturday, 7 July 2007


She stood at the edge of the world, the edge of the sea, toes digging into warm sand. Fingers gripping the soft fabric of her skirt. With each new wave foaming on the shore, each beat of her heart the sound of the sea calling . Singing its siren song of blue waters and fathomless depths. Longing burned in her blood. Silent tears slip down her face carrying the salty tang of the sea. Waves crash and her body sways forward. “Mummy!” a child’s high voice. Chubby fingers entwine with hers ,tugging they break the sea’s spell. “I love you.”

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Long Time Gone - theme chosen by Meg

She stood in the shadow of an ancient oak watching the moon rise luminous over the town in the valley below. She watched as the town filled with the inviting warmth of candle and fire light. She looked at the dusty road . “They say you can’t go home again.” she whispered to the tree holding tight to its dry bark. The wind whispered through the leaves teasing the hem of her cloak. Shifting her pack she stepped out onto the road. “Been a long time gone. Nowhere left to go.” She whispered walking toward the warm glow of lights.