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Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Title: Cherry
Author: Apryl
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean, Sam, Impala
Rating: PG
Warnings: vaguely Season 4, nothing spoilery
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: not mine, never mine, *is poor*
Notes: Sam is driving and Dean is asleep as they drive North on the I-5.

“Dean woke with a start, head pressed against the window, trail of drool running down his chin. A green sign flashes past in the headlights *”Welcome to Oregon we’ve got trees” Dean grimaces and tried to close his eyes again, but then he hears it.

It felt so wrong it felt so right

With dawning horror Dean turned to look at Sam in the driver’s seat, fingers tapping on the steering wheel singing along quietly.

“The taste of her cherry chap….”

“Dude ….seriously?!?” Dean growls.

“Er.. I”

“You’re such a girl Sammy.”

I kissed a girl and I …


Darling Buds

“Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.”
“It’s a line from a Shakespearian sonnet.”
“A bonnet?”
“No a sonnet, a poem by Shakespeare the Bard, the greatest writer in the history of the English Language.”
“Poetry is for losers.”
“Poetry is a form of literary art, it has heart , meaning, cultural significance..”
“Culture like them things they grow in the labs?”
“Culture as in society, humanity, people”
“Labs is where they make the viruses that’ll turn us all to zombies.”
“I don’t know why I try”
“Do ya think zombies write poetry? I’d read that.”

Chimera writing group prompt: bud

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Day and Night

Twin sisters were born on the Summer Solstice, one born in light the other born as darkness fell. As time passed the sisters grew. Day was earthly and fair with flaxen gold hair, a smile warm as sun, and eyes the colour of summer skies. Night was otherworldly and moonlight pale, her hair the colour of a raven’s wing, a smile hinting of magic and wickedness, and eyes that glinted black. At dusk, Night awoke, and the sisters ate honeyed cakes, drank tea from silver cups. Soon Day dreamed as Night sang with the wolves and danced in the moonlight.

Chimera Book and Writing Group Drabble Prompt: Day and Night


Calista danced back at the edge of the shadow creeping across the room, the line between light and dark. The day receded back as the shadows consumed the light. Calista stood in the narrowing band of sunlight, thinner and thinner. A noise began in the shadows, a whispering and skittering of claws on the wooden floor, getting closer and closer. Calista pressed her back against the cool iron bars of the window. No escape. Nowhere to run She could see them now, hideous misshapen creatures with grinning yellow fangs, shadow ghouls summoned from rotting despair. Calista screamed without a sound.

Chimera Book and Writing Group prompt: day and night

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

the Old Gods

Some think it was better before the war. The war started and ended in the span of a single day, not by nuclear power but by the might of gods , long absent in the minds of day traders, eco warriors and movie stars. The gods aren’t like Tinkerbelle, they didn’t disappear because we forgot to believe, they walked among us the whole time. Eros is a porn star, no surprise there, Athena masqueraded as Martha Stewart, Dionysus has a wineries in Napa, Gaia sells real estate in the valley. Not quite hell on earth, but Hades is a politician.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

all that glitters

Melantha sat, dark eyes scanning the crowd of writing bodies on the dance floor. The club was dark, filled with black velvet, glittering chandeliers, silvered mirrors, and thrumming rock music. A grimace flickered across her pale face, as two sorority girls bounced up to the bar wearing matching Twilight t-shirts. Melantha stood, the glint of diamonds shining in the black lace of her dress. She slipped into the fervent crowd, letting the music flow through her, the smell of warm human flesh and blood sent a shiver down her spine. Melantha smiled hungrily, sharp teeth pressing into her bottom lip.

Chimera Writing group drabble prompt: rock