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A small glimpse further into my mind, its a dark place with many cobwebs and often forgotten about. This blog was about drabbles, but has evolved into a few other random writings, or witterings when I'm not abandoning it alltogether for other crafty pursuits.

Monday, 20 August 2012


Down to a handful of bullets and four shotgun shells. Fantastic. Jackson grimaced and picked at the flocked wallpaper beside the boarded up window as Phoenix wandered in. ‘Find anything?’

‘Well...enough canned goods for a few days but no ammo. We have a can of extra firm hold hairspray, a lighter with a pin-up girl painted on it and a severe case of performance anxiety, a quarter bottle of peach schnapps, a pink aluminium baseball bat. Oh and a can of spam.’

‘So we get eaten by the obstinately deceased or bash our heads in with Barbie’s baseball bat.’ Excellent.

Book Group drabble prompt. Slightly Walking Dead and Zombieland inspired, my muse is mostly dead and buried but I dragged this out of....well I have no idea but it's the first thing I have written in months so it's better than nothing I suppose. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.