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Thursday, 28 June 2007

And The Horse He Rode In On

Trinity Falls
The Outer System

Bronwyn stepped from the transport pod and into the dust of another backwater outpost. A ramshackle bar the only lighted building in the outpost. She entered and found a dark haired man sat at a table.
“Any luck on the fugitive?”
“Yeah .You’re not gonna like it.”
“Just tell me.” Bronwyn said reaching for a spoon of his stew.
“He raped the mayor’s daughter.”
“.Don’t tell me they killed him?”
“They didn’t just kill him they butchered and ate him.”
“Ate ?” Bronwyn whispered dropping the spoon.
“And the horse he rode in on.”


“Did you finish that job yet?”
“No I’ll do it later after I finish this one.”
“You promised remember.”
“I know and I intend to do it later when I finished this one.”
“You know what they say. The road to hell is paved in good intentions.”
“You know hat doesn’t make any sense don‘t you? That would mean the road to heaven is paved in bad?”
“Its just what they say.”
“Who says?”
“I don’t know just they, its always just they.”
“Look I’ll get to the job when I’ve finished this one, Is that ok with you?”

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Tears Of The Sun

They fell from the sky, tears from the heart of the sun. Hidden from humanity’s gaze, from our science. They fell to the earth, we were powerless, everything we thought the height of our technology, our civilization, our humanity. Gone, Everything is gone, buildings, power plants, weapons, technology. A few of us remain, forsaken souls, left alone. What’s left of mankind lives in fear of the dark once more. We fear the predators beyond the safety of the fire, and the darkness beyond the Earth. Guns don’t work anymore. All we have is the desire to survive. Mankind lives on.

Monday, 25 June 2007

On The Road (theme handpicked by Meg)

“Hey Charlie wake up we’re here!”
“huh, what? I‘m awake? Are we at San Francisco already?” Charlie grumbled opening her eyes and staring blearily out the window.
“Hurry lets go” Alex said jumping out of the car.
“Where are we Alex? A fire station?” Charlie got out yawning.
“Livermore Station. Hurry up.” Alex cajoled dragging Charlie inside. “Look there it is.” Alex whispered.
Charlie looked around slowly. “What is?”
“No up there” Alex pointed at a dimly glowing light bulb.
“It’s a light bulb.”
“Its The World’s Longest Burning Bulb!”
“You’re joking right? Lets get back on the road. ”

I have actually been to Livermore and besides the famous Lab, the light bulb was about the most intresting thing there.


Friday, 22 June 2007

Cult of Celebrity

Temple of the Holy Wood
Former Republic of Kalifornia
High Producer Lucas and Lord Director Cameron stand near the alter, two initiates bring forward a golden box.
“The relic?”
“Yes. High Producer.“ the initiates reply setting the box down.
“You may leave, Sister Close will see to you.” Hitchcock slowly opened the box and removed the contents.
“She is beautiful!” Lucas exclaimed as he cradled the head in his hands., reverently touching the porcelain cheeks, plump red lips, the golden hair, dull cornflower blue eyes, every detail perfectly preserved for two millennia.
“Praise Botox Goddess of beauty! ”
“Praise Botox.”


Aryanne watched from the doorway as the snow fell ,carpeting the barren landscape in glittering white. Grimacing she closed the door and shuffled near the warmth of the fire. “Storm coming.” She muttered. a grey cat tangled about her legs purring brokenly. She absently picked up the cat stroking its fur as she gazed into the dying flames. “More fuel.” she grunted dropping the cat, and grabbing a ancient book from the stack beside the fire. Ebay for Dummies was written across its tattered cover, a remnant from before the fall of man. Smiling she watched the fire consume it.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

While you were away something happened.

“Welcome back Tru.” Medical officer Io trilled nervously, as Tru awoke from deep stasis. “While you were in stasis. something happened.” Io blurted.
“ Mind yourself Medic.” Kerrin glared. “Not now.”
“Captain?” Tru looked at the medic, the last thing he remembered was the explosion in the cargo bay. “The cargo?”
“The Cargo is fine.”
“Then what is it? Captain?”
Kerrin sighed, his gaze slid to the view port, Tru‘s eyes followed. The Hawking II was orbiting a moon.
“it’s a moon.”
“No not a moon.. THE moon.”
“The moon.… but.. Earth?” Tru stammered.
“Its not there.”
“No its not.”

I posted this drabble as a comment on the site www.100wordstories.com a drabble site.


Kara stood in the great library leafing through dusty volumes, smelling of age and decay. Teeth drawing a spot of crimson on full lips, she reached into the hidden compartment and withdrew a small silver and leather bound volume. Heart racing she slid the book under her cloak. Kara exited the labyrinth of shelves, head bent low, eyes gleaming, avoiding the attentive gaze of white robed clerics . The book, Magics: Arcane and Supernatural, was forbidden . Treason. The punishment for magic was death. Lady Kara Ravenwood, was a true daughter of the blood and a traitor to the crown.


The moon and stars glimmer in the pool of night blackened water. Leaves dance in a caress of foul wind carrying the scent of fire, cloying smoke, burnt flesh, the bitter tang of metal, the taint and filth of humanity. The smell of death. Twigs snap and branches break, echoing in the forest, and the pool is invaded by men, bloodstained warriors all. They drink of the water, muddying it with the blood and gore of battle. Filling the night with raucous laughter, course words and the clinking of coins. Green eyes blaze fire in the dark. The Huntress awakens.