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Monday, 25 June 2007

On The Road (theme handpicked by Meg)

“Hey Charlie wake up we’re here!”
“huh, what? I‘m awake? Are we at San Francisco already?” Charlie grumbled opening her eyes and staring blearily out the window.
“Hurry lets go” Alex said jumping out of the car.
“Where are we Alex? A fire station?” Charlie got out yawning.
“Livermore Station. Hurry up.” Alex cajoled dragging Charlie inside. “Look there it is.” Alex whispered.
Charlie looked around slowly. “What is?”
“No up there” Alex pointed at a dimly glowing light bulb.
“It’s a light bulb.”
“Its The World’s Longest Burning Bulb!”
“You’re joking right? Lets get back on the road. ”

I have actually been to Livermore and besides the famous Lab, the light bulb was about the most intresting thing there.


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