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Thursday, 21 June 2007

While you were away something happened.

“Welcome back Tru.” Medical officer Io trilled nervously, as Tru awoke from deep stasis. “While you were in stasis. something happened.” Io blurted.
“ Mind yourself Medic.” Kerrin glared. “Not now.”
“Captain?” Tru looked at the medic, the last thing he remembered was the explosion in the cargo bay. “The cargo?”
“The Cargo is fine.”
“Then what is it? Captain?”
Kerrin sighed, his gaze slid to the view port, Tru‘s eyes followed. The Hawking II was orbiting a moon.
“it’s a moon.”
“No not a moon.. THE moon.”
“The moon.… but.. Earth?” Tru stammered.
“Its not there.”
“No its not.”

I posted this drabble as a comment on the site www.100wordstories.com a drabble site.

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